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Centricity Podcast

Mar 29, 2022

Outsourcing and hiring new talent is a natural outgrowth of scaling a business. But how can a small or mid-sized company do this process effectively while retaining a full-funnel? In today’s episode of Aligned, Sean is joined by the founder of Sales Schema, Dan Englander, to hear his thoughts on the issue. 

There is a proper time to hire:

  • With the caveat that his domain space is marketing and advertising, the first order of operations is getting client work off your plate.
  • From there, establish a process for teeing up prospecting opportunities.
  • When accommodating people on your team with defined roles, once a process is in place for getting prospects, invest money in a closer.
  • The skillset required to get a skeptical person to talk to you is numerous: creativity, strategy, systems and operations thinking (and a good amount of hustle and follow-up.) 
  • Dan’s philosophy is that it takes more than one person to make the process work.

Identifying your value:

  • To lower risks in hiring, figure out where your value lies.
  • Oftentimes an agency has never had to figure that out because they rely solely on the strength of referral. So how do you identify value? Through positioning and experience.
  • Companies frequently outsource something for the partnership to end up failing. Why? Because that company is doing the same repeated action done by different companies.
  • While that still works if you’re selling something new, it won’t work forever.

Use the trust and relationships you’ve built to grow.

  • Realize when you hire a salesperson, you are now a part-time sales trainer. You can’t just give collateral and expect them to succeed.
  • Dunbar’s Number is the psychological research that discusses someone’s circle of influence informs our outreach.
  • There’s a difference between asking for an introduction and manipulating people into giving referrals.

Mapping connections and doing it at scale is what leads to success.

  • Clients typically do this anyway, but it’s just done somewhat haphazardly.
  • What if you can figure out the people you already know in specific accounts?
  • All sales and marketing is about change. Social liberation elevates and allows someone unaware of a need for change to consider it.
  • Breakthrough Advertising from the 60s is a hard-to-find book, but it addresses the stages of marketing sophistication. 

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