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Centricity Podcast

Oct 10, 2023

In this episode of the Centricity podcast, our host Will Riley meets with Connor Jeffers, the founder and CEO of Aptitude 8 and hapily. They dig deep into digital systems and get specific about finding a tech stack that finds a balance between sophistication and efficiency.

Choosing a Solution

  • Consultative sellers have to understand the pain and needs of the companies they’re working with, because buyers may not exactly know the terminology for what they actually want.

  • A8 helps customers create what they want to build, and then they build it. On the other hand, hapily offers standard functionality and if you have needs beyond that, you will need to seek them elsewhere.

Independent Software Vendor vs Systems Integrator

  • Aptitude 8, for all intents and purposes, an integrator. While they can create a setup entirely through HubSpot, but they do end up integrating, especially for larger companies.

  • Security-wise, they have access to a lot of data. They have systems in place to ensure that data is safe.

  • When working with big organizations, there is a responsibility to ensure that the new systems work better than the original. There is a lot of risk involved for the organization.

Takeaways About Sales/Marketing

  • Learn about relational databases, software models, etc. to ramp up your understanding of what you’re selling in general.

  • Get educated on APIs. You don’t necessarily need to be a coder to have a basic grasp on what an API is!


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