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Centricity Podcast

Dec 7, 2021

The ultimate goal for salespeople is pretty simple - to close more deals. But how do we make that happen? Today’s episode of Aligned is a rerun of Sean’s guest appearance on The Sales Evangelist Podcast hosted by Donald Kelly. The pair discusses the science-based approach to sales and marketing (and the alignment between the two) that Fitzmartin specializes in to drive revenue for clients. 

The idea of a science-based framework:

  • Most of us love superheroes (who today isn’t a devout Marvel fan?) As the last touch, salespeople are considered the hero for most clients in the business world. 
  • While a sales team might complain about bad leads, science has a different view. 80% of leads are in some degree of consideration.
  • Behavioral science is the transtheoretical theorem of behavioral change, according to Prochaska & DiClemente: there’s more to human behavior than awareness. 
  • Sean’s pro tip: When interviewing an ad agency, ask them what the most effective marketing approach is just before closing a deal.
  • A good marketer knows how to impact a deal throughout the sales process.

Looking back/looking forward:

  • From a marketing and sales perspective, there are specific ways to help when customers want to move forward. 
  • Scientific research has determined nine processes across all forms of behavioral science that allow people to move forward, but only at specific places.
  • When people are contemplating a purchase, they go to your website. However, just because the prospects haven’t bought doesn’t mean they forget your company and their needs.
  • Awareness isn’t everything; consumers need a later stage process to finalize their decision. 
  • Marketers need to help people move from contemplation to preparation and eventually to action. 

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