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Centricity Podcast

Jul 25, 2023

In this episode of The Centricity Podcast, our host Will Riley meets with Joseph Seo for Part 3 of our series on cookies (if you haven’t yet, check out Part 1 and Part 2). Seo is a seasoned marketer who brings his expertise and research-driven approach to marketing strategy to this conversation about the end of third-party tracking and the way companies and agencies alike will have to evolve.

 Adjusting to a “Cookieless” Future

  • The marketing industry won’t collapse, but it will be impacted. One of those impacts has been a boom in programmatic advertising. 
  • Contextual advertising, or advertising on pages relevant to your product, is an effective way to market your product that doesn’t rely on cookies.
  • Capture more first-party data from your website, marketing team, and customer service team. Reps will need to gather the data rather than rely on it.
  • Know what kind of data your company uses. If you’re relying on Facebook and Google for your advertising, you may face less extreme changes to your strategy than companies that rely primarily on third-party data.

Effective Marketing Without Cookies

  • First-party data will produce better results than third-party because consumers who volunteer to participate show a higher level of interest and commitment to your product.
  • Programmatic advertising works well for mobile advertising. As people increasingly use their phones to explore web content, D2C marketing can be effective.

Current and Forthcoming Impacts

  • Lower-funnel or late-stage tactics will be impacted first.
  • Industries will now be forced to invest in gathering first-party data. Combining ad testing and brand lift studies will give companies more useful data than cookies, so we will likely see the development of more sophisticated campaigns.
  • If your company is fairly established, consider implementing a data solution like Segment to centralize your data and simplify decision-making.


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