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Centricity Podcast

Mar 21, 2023

Ian Altman is an esteemed business coach and consultant with a proven track record of elevating companies to billion-dollar valuations. In today’s episode of Centricity, our host Sean Doyle sits down with Ian Altman to discuss the fundamentals of Same Side Selling (SSS).

SSS Basics

  • Same Side Selling is a unique approach that prioritizes solving client issues instead of directly selling to them. Instead of your buyer viewing you as an adversary, the SSS approach positions you as being on the same side.
  • This approach is effective because buyers are often apprehensive about trusting sellers who only look out for their own interests. However, they are more likely to trust individuals who genuinely help them to solve their problems.

Building Trust

  • To implement SSS, the first step is to understand your clients and their problems. This can be achieved by asking relevant questions to gather as much information as possible. Armed with this knowledge, you can then position yourself to provide the best solution to their problems.
  • It is important to note that the focus should not solely be on the sale. Instead, the goal should be to assist your clients in finding a solution that is best suited to their needs. 

To learn more about Same Side Selling or to connect with Ian Altman, you can visit his websites at and