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Centricity Podcast

Oct 19, 2021

In the conclusion of Sean’s series with Blue Ridge’s CMO, Ed Rusch, Ed and Sean discuss the importance of incrementalism. In a field filled with explosive growth, particularly one burgeoning with new technology, tactics, and strategies, finding a route to sustainable but progresive growth is necessary.

Consider how customers buy technology today

  • The days of multi-million dollar tech implementations and installations are quickly dying.
  • When you look at how people buy software and services today, buying capabilities are specific to what the company needs: rapid deployment. This is indicative of a broader mindset; people want to experience value over time.
  • The number of marketing technology platforms is growing fast, with nearly 10,000 platforms offered to help with different services. How do you break that down?
  • You throw away the technology component and focus on the buyer.

When is it okay to apply incrementalism versus just getting it done?

  • You pivot internally for your clients to determine what strategies and platforms would be most effective. So, why wouldn’t you do that for yourself?
  • Think along those lines, drive meaningful value, and address acute pains within your organization. (For more information about addressing acute pains, check out the previous episode.)
  • Select the right technology solution for where you’re at in this moment. Don’t go from 0% to 100% overnight. Instead, pick the solution knowing that it might not be the right solution for you two or three years later.
  • If your success relies on a heavy adoption that needs high degrees of support, you might find yourself asking the same questions you started with (which you definitely don’t want.) Make sure the platfrom is something your company is able to implement successfully.

Fear in the modern marketplace.

  • Whether it’s a recession, a pandemic, or any other factor, there is invariably something injecting fear into the marketplace. (That’s just the way life works.)
  • Whatever your role is in your company, do it with confidence and be a genuine business partner for the functions of your organization. 
  • Learn and understand how to hold a conversation that even the finance level, board level, or private equity world would understand. 
  • If you’re a marketer and are unsure how to do that, just ask! People will respect you for asking and learning more about what other people do.

Ed’s final takeaways:

  • COVID forced people to overlook the depth of conversation that would’ve typically occurred. Leading a company and being unafraid to ask questions will help your company move forward.
  • Have the clarity, passion, and power to impact your organization, and you’ll find success.
  • Demand more from your marketing. And to demand more, you must understand what it is that you really should be demanding.

Episode Resources:

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  • Order Sean’s book Shift.
  • To connect with Sean Doyle, find him on LinkedIn, or learn more about FitzMartin on the company web page

To get in contact with Ed, connect with him on LinkedIn.