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Centricity Podcast

Sep 6, 2022

Even when a buyer is satisfied with their current provider of a service, 80% will still consider buying elsewhere. How can sellers build value and demonstrate the effectiveness of an organization to late-stage clients? In today’s episode of Aligned, Sean continues his three-part series with Donald Kelly discussing how to manage and build effective environmental controls to close more deals.

Utilizing cues and interruptions:

  • Cues are essential environmental controls because you can limit bad buyer behaviors with them.  
  • Creating automated cues to encourage a particular action from the buyer builds brand loyalty and a level of trust that would otherwise occur with another company. 

Buyer’s retreat is a natural (and expected) element of sales:

  • Anything within sales and marketing can be done with integrity and morals, or it can be done with harmful intent. Sellers must make themselves valuable, but not at the expense of the company’s control.
  • Limit early-stage spending because the relationship driving the sale has not yet been built. Instead, create an understanding and connection, then supplement that relationship with middle and end-stage buyers.

Strategies to prevent buyer’s retreat:

  • Tie results to your efforts. This makes buyers infinitely less likely to leave because they know their success is tied to your involvement.
  • Demonstrate your values through gifts, events, and communication to deepen the relationship between the individuals within the organization.

Tune in to our past episode with Donald discussing reward behaviors on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and connect with Donald on LinkedIn or at for more information and content.

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