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Centricity Podcast

Dec 9, 2022

On today’s episode of Aligned, Sean and guest Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist discuss the importance of both private and public commitment in the marketing and sales process. When sales and marketing teams work together, your company will see a 36% higher customer retention rate and a 38% higher win rate.

Businesses lose deals because they don’t act:

  • 40-60% out of 2.5 million recorded sales calls – both transactional and complex deals failed because they intended to act but didn’t.
  • Assessing pros and cons of moving forward with the deal.
  • Science states that somebody will not take action until rough six months out.
  • Prospects are looking forward.

The “why” of private and public commitment:

  • Always center your efforts on the buyer’s needs in the beginning to raise consciousness. 
  • Consciousness awareness is an effective tool early in the process.
  • The needs of the buyers are different as they go through the sales process.
  • Buyers need to make a personal commitment before they make a public commitment.
  • Preparation is a cornerstone from which effective action is built.

Takeaways for centricity:

  • A good salesperson knows when to slow down.
  • Need to acknowledge that people are the ones making the decisions.
  • Always have tools that allow you to look forward.
  • Your job is to help the prospect evaluate how your offering will serve them.
  • Create a concise business case to confirm what the buyer’s intent is.

Resources: Changing For Good; Same Side Selling.

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