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Centricity Podcast

Apr 4, 2023

On today's episode of Centricity, our host Sean Doyle sits down with Rom LaPointe, a trusted advisor for CEOs, leadership teams, and boards in achieving ideal performance, cultivating healthy cultures, and attaining results. In part one of this two-part series, Rom shares his insights on creating a healthy company culture and its significance in the workplace.

The Significance of Culture

  • Culture-related problems and turnover cause a staggering loss of over 223 billion dollars annually. Despite this, many CEOs remain reluctant to invest in cultivating a healthy and enjoyable work environment.
  • To establish a good work culture, employees and team members must be engaged and enthusiastic about their work. They should derive satisfaction and not consider their paychecks as the only motivating factor.
  • Marketing and culture share many similarities. While marketing focuses on presenting products and services to customers and clients, culture emphasizes presenting stories about employees and what it feels like to work at a particular organization.
  • Since the pandemic, remote work has become increasingly common. 58% of employees believe they can work remotely. Although remote work offers certain advantages, working in person has its own unique benefits. LaPointe has found that a combination of both options leads to the best outcomes.

If you wish to learn more about workplace culture or connect with LaPointe, his newsletter and blog can be found on his website, or you can check out his LinkedIn profile.