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Centricity Podcast

Mar 7, 2023

We all know building trust is vital for success as a salesperson and in business. In today’s episode of Centricity, our host Sean Doyle meets with Phil Gerbyshak to discuss the importance of trust, how sellers often miss it, and how to utilize “why now?” questions.

The Importance of Trust

  • A problem a lot of B2B sellers do is assuming the person they’re talking to is the ultimate decision maker. Instead, sellers need to establish trust to ACTUALLY learn who the ultimate decision maker is.
  • Buyers HAVE to trust sellers before they’ll deliver the information to the decision maker. To help establish this trust, you have to communicate with the client frequently and utilize case studies. The majority of buyers have said that they’re more likely to buy IF there’s a review.

Asking “Why Now?”

  • Another thing B2B sellers have to focus on is why exactly a buyer is currently looking for a solution. Whatever they’re pain point is should take precedence, because solving that pain point is what will help you close the sale.
  • When you’re talking to executive level buyers, the importance of why now conversations grows. Ask the buyer how much they need your product/service by this year or quarter. This builds trust and will help you close the sale.

If you want to learn more or get in contact with Phil, you can find him at his website or on his LinkedIn profile.