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Centricity Podcast

Aug 22, 2023

In this episode of The Centricity Podcast, our host Will Riley has Joseph Seo back on the podcast to discuss 5 AI you don’t know about (yet). Seo is the Principal Co-founder at Visual Lime Creative and Revenue Operations Specialist at Fitzmartin. Listen to their episode, “ChatGPT for B2B”, if you’d like to hear more from Will and Joseph!


  • ChatBots are becoming more intuitive. While they can’t replace support teams, they are great for triaging support needs.

  • Fitzmartin uses by Hubspot.

 Copywriting Support

  • Seo recommends trying ChatGPT-4, Writer, and Jasper. The differences are mostly about UI, so it’s worth testing them to see what works for you.

  • Even though these writing tools can’t hold a candle to human creativity and writing quality, they are great for getting your process started.


  • Midjourney has plenty of casual applications, but Seo doesn’t use it for business.

  • is more business-relevant. Use this for high-quality ads.


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For more on AI, listen to Joe and Will’s episode “ChatGPT for B2B