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Centricity Podcast

Apr 12, 2022

Today’s episode of Aligned is a section from Fitzmartin’s webinar featuring Hubspot’s Jordan Benjamin and Fitzmartin’s Jessica Jardin to discuss what Presidents, CEOs, and any middle-market leaders need to know when analyzing technology solutions

Every decision-maker has their own views and motivations. 

  • Regardless of cost or usability, user experience is fundamental to successful technology integration. If people don’t use it, what’s the point?
  • Moving towards cloud-based software means IT and technical roles need input into the decision-making process. 
  • Make something incredibly easy to adopt because if people don’t use it, you aren’t moving your business forward.

Establish a bottom line of trust between departments:

  • In many cases, IT and marketing teams might find it challenging to establish a software solution that satisfies all teams.
  • A data-driven approach helps establish a solution that drives results. A highly customizable and nuanced solution might sound appealing, but the increased integration costs might make the solution less beneficial than expected.

The truth behind CRMs:

  • By definition, a CRM is a customer relationship management tool. However, it is synonymous with a sales platform. Shouldn’t relationship management encompass more?
  • Growth is a team sport; it’s not just the job of sales, marketing, or any one department.
  • Track touchpoints throughout the relationship to have shared context throughout the customer’s buying journey.

Remove complexity to scale growth:

  • Simplifying the buying process and the communication model between internal teams makes scaling dramatically simpler.
  • Identifying opportunities to work in alignment fosters a development process that benefits both consumers and your business.
  • A time-to-value system is critical. Value progress over perfection, because taking time to make significant steps means your new system might lose value once integrated.

Join us for part two for a more in-depth application of new tech integration. For more content from Jordan, follow him on LinkedIn or tune in to his podcast, Peak Performance Selling.

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