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Centricity Podcast

Apr 26, 2022

In today’s episode of Aligned, we continue our conversation featuring Fitzmartin’s Jessica Jardin and Hubspot’s Jordan Benjamin. In this second-part conversation, Jordan discusses the importance of understanding how data-driven decisions and an integrated toolset impact your sales cycle.

The evolution of Hubspot:

  • Hubspot has made several strategic changes over its history, culminating with over 120,000 users worldwide.
  • Hubspot’s original goal was simply to help people get more leads. They wanted to change the conversation from “Hey, buy my stuff,” to answering questions and aligning with the buyer.
  • Companies use different tools to meet their needs. However, multiple tools and systems made it inefficient to use and operate, especially when extrapolated insights and data are needed in tandem.
  • Initial CRMs were a glorified Rolodex, and Hubspot set out to change that perception.  They expanded their services to include other essential teams to make it a systematic and efficient experience that helps everyone do their jobs.

Shifting the executive perception:

  • When aligning teams, Jordan thinks about measurement and analytics. When using several systems, it’s challenging to get quality data to understand the customer journey.
  • Can you get the information you need? Yes. Is it more expensive, challenging, and time-consuming? Also yes.
  • Hubspot brought an inter-departmental alignment responsible for driving revenue and limiting excess costs.
  • Hubspot was sold primarily as an inbound marketing tool, and some executives are surprised when they learn that the versatility goes far beyond that limited capacity.

Practical applications of Hubspot:

  • You can receive notifications when a lead opens or engages with your email.
  • Coming from a marketing perspective means you can leverage marketing automation to reach out in a way that resonates with the buyer.
  • Companies purchase other solutions for calendar scheduling, but that’s already available in Hubspot, meaning marketing can send out emails that include a salesperson’s schedule.
  • Focus on what you do best because Hubspot has a thousand developers on standby to refine and evolve the product to fit your needs.

For more content from Jordan, follow him on LinkedIn or tune in to his podcast, Peak Performance Selling.

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